Dare to “bare”

The bare look can  be a great success especially when the face that wears it has a good structure and is absolutely beautiful!

Natural look is one of my favourite looks, because it makes you look years younger and very fresh! If you dare to go with very little make up then it means that you are very confident of your looks and that you know how to cover up but being “nude” at the same time!

After all this is the look that many Hollywood actresses have worn over the years in the red carpet. Demi Moore looks fantastic with this make up look.

Demi Moore with a natural flawless look

Natalie Portman below wears the same natural look with the only differences that she has emphasized the lips with a pink-red lipstick.

Natalie Portman

My model below looks fabulous with this natural look. She looks amazing and with these beautiful eyes she does not need much make up to look absolutely fab!

The secret to achieving this look is to use a good cover up foundation if your skin is not as clear and a good cover up concealer to cover the fatigue. The eye – shadows that I used have a bit of shimmer adding glow and giving a glamorous and fresh look. The cheeks and lips are very subtle and of pinky shades. The products I used for this make up are Max factor foundation 102, Mac concealer NC20, Body Shop eye – shadows: All over shimmer cubes the warm palette, and channel 080 blusher, for the lips I just used a light pink lipstick from max factor.

Natural morning look

Natural morning look

Another example of the dare to “bare” look is below. As you can see adding a bit of shimmer to your eye-shadow or bronzer can change the natural look from an morning to an evening look.

Natural look worn to a beach wedding reception

I hope you got some good tips of how to achieve it!

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Style Network

Last week I was very happy to attend the Style Network Event which took place at the Barberstown Castle in co Kildare, organised by Jullie Cobbe and Clara Halpin.

When signing up for the event I was not very sure of what to expect and if this networking event would be beneficial for me, Rowena Doyle form Visual Sense insisted that I shouldn’t miss it and so I trusted her. After all she was right!

Doing a bit of research prior to attending I found out that the speakers of the event were stylist Sonya Lennon , fashion designer Heidi Higgins, Aoife Horgan from The PR Boutique and Denise Brady from Teamworx Recruitment agency. Immediately I thought that this was going to be an interesting morning and was very excited to listen to what these ladies had to say.

Starting from the left, Julie Cobbe, Heidi Higgins, Denise Bradry, Aoife Horgan, Sonya Lennon, Carla Halpin

The talks started with the very passionate and inspiring Sonya Lennon who talked about the Dress for Success project which she is currently running. The project is focusing on helping women to get back to work by taking away the worry of dressing for an interview. Dress for Success is there to support these women by dressing them,  helping them adapt to a business dress style, giving them style tips and lastly and most importantly making them feel more confident.

Sonya Lennon

Having the pleasure to listen to a very true Heidi Higgins , sharing her story on how she started in the fashion industry and naming the challenges faced at the early stages, but also the rewarding and exciting moments when she felt that all her hard work was being acknowledged.

Heidi Higgins sharing her story with us

Aoife Horgan from The PR Boutique and Denise Brady from Teamworx Recruitment agency  shared a similar story making everyone in the audience as well as myself feel very positive and even more inspired.

Starting from the left, Rowena Doyle from Visual Sense, Denise Brady from Teamworx, Valerie O'Reily from Unicorn PR , Laura Bergin from Clery's Kassiani Cheirogeorgou from Lilac Marketing

I have to say that all the talks were very inspirational and motivating especially to my ears…      I have been thinking for the past months now to start my own business and especially during these difficult times this could seem as a crazy thing to do. Meeting and networking with everyone at the event, in a way switched me on and made me think that things can be done as long as you really want them to. …

By the end of it I was even more sure that my decision was the right one and I was even more confident that I should pursue my dreams even harder.

It was a pleasure attending the event and I would like to thank Julie and Clara once more for putting it together.

I would like to close this post with something to think about…

Bag hanger from Bagsitt

A great thanks to Jennie O’Rourke  for taking these beautiful photographs

Madrid – Toledo: you just have to visit!

My amazing Easter holiday in Madrid.

What have really kept me away from posting for the past few weeks, apart from other things, was my amazing holiday to Madrid for Easter!

If you haven’t been to that side of the world Madrid is a place that you should really visit. In general Spain is one of my favourite destinations, maybe because it reminds me of Greece, maybe because of my passion for flamenco, maybe for the very kind people….

I have been to many places in Spain but Madrid was one that I have been wanting to visit for a while now, and it really met all my expectations!

Here is a small taste of Madrid that will make you want to book your next ticket ASAP.

Plaza Mayor –  An amazing plaza full of cafes and restaurants, people playing music and singing, every time I was there something else was going on!

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

Museo de Jamon – You will find these shops everywhere in Madrid. Do not forget to have a bocadillo mixto for 2 eurors!

Museo de Jamon – Madrid

Botanic Gardens – Next to the El Prado museum a nice walk amongst beautiful flowers! I love yellow tulips and everything that is yellow! Do not forget to visit El Prado museum where you can find El Greco paintings. Another museum that you should visit is Riena Sofia situated very close to the gardens. There you will find Picaso’s and Miro’s paintings.

Botanic gardens

Walking around Madrid you will be amazed from the beautiful architecture and colours, I certainly was

Beautiful architecture in calle Mayor

El Retiro park – Madrid’s Central Park – should definitely walk around and enjoy the sun.

El Retiro

Toledo – Only 45 minutes by bus or 20 minutes by train, Toledo is a beautiful village situated on a hill and surrounded by the river. Do not forget to visit the cathedral.


When in Madrid you must also visit the Palace (Palacio Real), the cathedral of Almudena which is situated next to the palace, go for drinks and tapas in Cava Baja, Calle Leon and Calle Cuchilleros, have some amazing and cheap tapas at the St. Miguel mercato and do not forget to walk on Grand Via.

If you are interested about flamenco then you should visit the tablao Corral de la Moreria which is one of the oldest in Madrid.

I stayed near the Puerta del Sol area very close to the Sevilla metro stop and I think when visiting Madrid you should aim for a central location so you can walk around which is the best way of exploring a city.

I hope my little online tour of Madrid gave you an idea of what to expect.

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In my make up bag

I have always been asked by friends about the products that I like using, so today I am letting you have a small sneak peak  🙂

eye shadows and blusher

I have a great variety of eye shadows, blushers and of course lipsticks!!

My eye – shadows usually vary from MAC, Crown Brushes, Bourjouis, Body Shop and Lancome. I usually tend to have my basic colours, such as pastel beige and natural tones and of course my different shades of brown for a natural day look. I love a clean and natural look and I always go for a pastel pink or a pastel beige with a combination of matte brown eye shadow in the mornings. Matte eye shadows are easy to use and they are back! We don’t need too much shine and bling when we are working hard!

For night time we are aloud to go all wild and when I feel like it I tend to do that, it’s my time to shine! 😉

When it comes down to my blushers I am a fan of Crown brushes and BOBBI BROWN!

My beautiful blushers

I have a quite fair skin, (all my friends will care to prove it, I don’t tan easily, and I always have to be careful with sun) this is why I tend to go for blusher that last and add some colour to cute little face.

These blushers do tend to last, especially when working long days and reapplying your make up is luxury!  Although I always suggest re- applying our make up but some time it is very difficult to do so. I have been through difficult days as such, when having lunch is a luxury not thinking about your blusher! anyways…

I tend to go for pink shades such as the famous healthy pink, (this name does not exist on a blusher at least I haven’t come across it, if you have please let me know) I just call it like that because whenever I wear it I have that healthy glow of a 5 years old! Healthy pink is the second blusher on the left on the top row. I love it.

In my hand bag I usually carry my concealer and by blusher, and especially during summer time I love wearing my favourite BOBBI BROWN blusher: pale pink.

in my hand bag

My lipsticks vary, from MAC, Bourjouis, Max factor, Maybiline, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and I love subtle colours and reds

my lipsticks

I hope that helped you a bit.

You don’t need quantity you just need variety!

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