Affordable foundation – Review

Foundations for less than 10 euros

Makeupartistas reviews foundations to find the best just for you.

I was recently asked from one of my readers to write a review about foundations in terms of coverage, price, quality, texture and of course variety of shades. So I decided that I will be reviewing affordable brands that most of younger women are happy to pay while being cautious on their spending.

Essence stay all day

Rate: 4/10

What I loved: The price – 4.09 euros

What I didn’t like: Limited shades

The good thing about this product is it’s price, you can find it in different retailers for only 4.09 euros which is a big plus. The shades available are very limited and unless your skin tone fits to under IVORY, LIGHT BEIGE or SAND then look for another brand.

When trying it on I found it’s texture very heavy and rich for my liking. On the other hand this means that it can give a good coverage especially if your skin is pron to spots and redness. It’s finish is velvety but you have to make sure that you blend it well as it’s thick texture can leave you looking that you are wearing too much of it.

Catrice Cosmetic

Rate: 5/10

What I loved: The price – 6.99 euros

What I didn’t like: Heavy texture

A really good priced product offering a larger range in terms of shades, good for yellow or pink based skin with a matte velvet finish. If you prefer to have a more natural look this is not the product that offers it. It’s texture is very rich and I could even consider it heavy. Good if you need coverage.

NYC (New York Colour)

Rate: 6/10

What I loved: The price – 3.99 euros

What I didn’t like: Finish result

In the same “less than 10 euros” category this foundation with 6 different shades is able to accommodate even the whitest skin. I was happy with its texture as it was very light and thin but you need to blend it well as it is not as smooth and it may seem to leave lines if not applied well. So blend well with either a brush or your fingers.


With RIMMEL I reviewed 3 of their products.



Rate: 8/10

What I loved: Light Texture

What I didn’t like: I have to say I was pleased with both of them

I found both of these products very good and especially loved their prices for 8,85 euros each. You get a good foundation with light texture, very easy to apply as it blends very well even with your fingers and gives you a very natural look. One pump is just enough for all the face. If you need coverage then these products would not be very helpful to you as the texture is very light, but with a highlighter you get an even better result.


Rate: 7,5/10

What I loved: Good coverage

What I didn’t like: Heavy texture and a bit dry

For just 6.95 euros you can get a good quality foundation that gives you good coverage, it comes in 6 different shades and its IVORY shade can accommodate even the whitest Irish skin.  I found its texture a bit heavy for my taste and a bit dry. Make sure you moisturize well before hand to achieve a smoother finish.

I hope you found this post useful, always here to answer your questions


My new INGLOT obsession

By following my blog you are all probably aware of my obsession with MAC and Crown Brushes I always talk about their products and I am extremely happy to recommend them as I have never been disappointed by their quality. Now one more brand can be added to this obsession of mine, INGLOT.

I have been reading about INGLOT cosmetics and they have been recommended to me by other make up artists but didn’t have the chance to actually use them my self.

This time came last week when my really good friends surprised me by buying for me a beautiful shade of red/orange lipstick, from the INGLOT stand in the Jervis shopping center in Dublin. For your closest INGLOT store please click here to find it.

My INGLOT lipstick – 103

I have never been a big fan of lipsticks myself as I much prefer lip gloss but I have to say after using this lipstick I wear it almost every day. It’s texture is very soft and creamy, it applies very smoothly on your lips and it lasts!

I like it to wear it with a very soft and light foundation even just powder if your face is clear enough, golden bronze eye shadow on the eye lid and black eyeliner. For blush I used a very subtle matte brown shade, 2 layers of black mascara and a bit of white pencil to give a bit of light in my look.  Easy and quick.

My look

Compering my INGLOT lipstick, with my Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 72, which I absolutely adore as well, I found INGLOT to be easier to wear on a daily basis.

With my Chanel lipstick, I have to use a primer and a lip liner and as I find that due to its liquid texture I have to be very aware of my lip gloss traveling in the little crises that are formed around my lips, especially when you are over 25 😉

Business make up: “The workshop”

A few days a go I held my first workshop, and I have to say that it was a great pleasure having all these lovely ladies attending!

Although  it was for limited numbers, I had a full house and from the feedback that I was given everybody seemed to enjoy it.

The techniques that were shown can be found on my previous post.

 Let the workshop begin…

Having the right palettes always helps….

Natural make up shouldn’t be hard to do.. in just a few minute I managed to transform 6 beautiful ladies….

Doesn’t she look beautiful, fresh and natural?…

Spending under 10 minutes to do your make up means that you have the right brushes and know how to use them… the ladies that attended the workshop now know how to do that!

Fresh, flawless, and young… these are the results that natural tones give you

Depending on your skin tone you can use pinks, light browns, golden browns, just play with what you have to get the desired result

If you want to apply bronzer use a small brush to have control and always start with less

Fresh, young, and flawless…. natural make up…..

I hope you enjoyed xx

Does you make-up mean business??…

Do you mean business when going to work?

What are the dos and donts for an office make up? All these were covered in my business make up workshop that took place today in Grand Canal!

It was great seeing the ladies that attend the workshop learning great a quick techniques on how to apply their make up and look very proffesional and feeling confident at the end of it!

Of course for the people that couldn’t attend, this post explain how to have the look in minutes! So here are my tips:


1. Do not over do it! – You are going to work not to a night club!

2. Do not use heavy make up in the morning as it makes you look a lot older

3. Do not and I repeat DO NOT go to work without make up!

4. Not wearing make up even if you have flawless skin makes you look unprofessional and that you are not making that extra effort.

Have you ever wondered why people have the tendency of being surrounded by beautiful and well presented people? We tend to trust them more and we like to work with these people more! Its only human nature, and you know the rules… so play by them. You face is part of your personal brand so use it wisely!


1. Go for natural earthy tones

2. Use bronzer for a fresh sun kissed look

3. For your eye shadows go for pinks and pastels – trust me on this one

4. For your lips go for light and juicy lipsticks that make your lips look fuller

5. Do not forget to re-apply

Below I will explain bit by bit how I do my every day morning make up before going to work. I hope you find it easy to do it too.

First step: Apply your foundation, I use a tinted foundation slightly darker than my natural skin tone to give a bit of tanned look as it is spring. I blend it with my round foundation brush from Crown brushes

1st step – foundation

I make sure I blend it well and apply it every where! You do not want to end up looking patchy! The foundation I used is MAX Factor Natural Bronze, to get that sun kissed look.


Having applied my foundation, I apply my concealer, the concealer I used is MAC NC20.


After applying your concealer, with the product left on your fingers, cover any small spots or redness and blend well.

Cover all spots or redness

Now, you have to apply your eye shadow. Use a larger eye shadow brush, the one I use is from Kryolan, and the eye shadow I am using is from MAC Shimmer Time B59

Eye shadow brush

Apply the eye shadow on the eye lid and blend well moving your brush upwards.

Eye shadow application

This colour will work as you base and prepares the area for the darker eye shadow.

Eye shadow base

Using an angled brush, the one I use is from MAC, position the brush the way it is show below, with the shorter  corner of the brush upwards and apply the eye shadow where your eye lid creases. Applying a darker shade will give you a deeper look.

Darker shade

Remember the movements will be umbrella shaped, starting from the outer part of your eyelid to the inner. When applying your eye make up, your brushes’ movement should be upwards and outwards!

With whatever product is left you can move your brush upwards creating more depth to the corner of the eye. You only need a very little amount of eye -shadow, so use whatever is left on your brush.  The eye- shadow I am using here is from The Body Shop called Warm palette.

Move your brush upwards

Apply one or two layers of black mascara. The mascara I use is from MAC.


Blusher time – The brush I use is from MAC and the blusher I use is from Crown brush.


Applying your blusher – I always ask  from my clients to smile when I apply their blusher and then I place it right on the top of their cheeks,and then brush back with whatever is left.

Applying your blusher

Always use a subtle lip liner as it makes your lips look fuller.

Lip liner

For this make up I used an Estee Lauder lipstick called Electrified. I do not want the colour to be intense so I dab it on.


and my last touch… a bit of lip gloss to get that shine!

lip gloss

Here is the finished look…

Finished look

Now do I mean business??…. As my hair stand out, I tone everything down with a classic black blazer and a black dress.

My business make up look

Have fun doing your make up! I am always here to answer your question!


Rene karadimou pret a porte spring 2009

A few backstage shots while I was getting the models ready for the fashion show.

I love backstage photos, I hope you enjoy them too…

It seems that whenever I end up doing make up work, I always forget to do my self first… I always do me last.. 🙂

My hands get so messy…. I end up having all different shades of foundation and lipstick…

Here are all my models with their finished monogram… they look very pretty!

As you see I apply many layers of mascara to get the desired look.

Here is the finished make up, the models are ready for dressing and start the fashion show!

After the show finished a photograph with the designer and the models.


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