Business make up: “The workshop”

A few days a go I held my first workshop, and I have to say that it was a great pleasure having all these lovely ladies attending!

Although  it was for limited numbers, I had a full house and from the feedback that I was given everybody seemed to enjoy it.

The techniques that were shown can be found on my previous post.

 Let the workshop begin…

Having the right palettes always helps….

Natural make up shouldn’t be hard to do.. in just a few minute I managed to transform 6 beautiful ladies….

Doesn’t she look beautiful, fresh and natural?…

Spending under 10 minutes to do your make up means that you have the right brushes and know how to use them… the ladies that attended the workshop now know how to do that!

Fresh, flawless, and young… these are the results that natural tones give you

Depending on your skin tone you can use pinks, light browns, golden browns, just play with what you have to get the desired result

If you want to apply bronzer use a small brush to have control and always start with less

Fresh, young, and flawless…. natural make up…..

I hope you enjoyed xx


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