I see sparkles!

Sparlly nails!

From last weeks crazy ombre nails I thought to bring it down a bit, but still a bit of sparkle!!

{Great instagram moment – sparkles everywhere}

Enjoy! x


Ombré nails

I have been wanting to try ombré nails for a while now. When I read about the technique used for it I thought to give it a try.
Here is my very first attempt – practice makes perfect



What do you think? Is not that bad?
Have you tried it yourself? Let me know how it went for you.
Enjoy xx

Life is a beach

15th August

Whoever is from Greece knows that this is a big celebration day which you usually spent away from the city and usually near a beach.

Life has it and I am at rainy Dublin which was today hit by a hurricane!

As you have all guessed I am going through my holiday blues. These photos will definitely cheer me up, I hope they will do the same to you, especially dedicated to those that were working today and are quite a long way from a beach.

{Sunset in Agia Eleni – Skiathos)

{lazy time in Mandraki beach – Skiathos}

{relaxing in Agia Eleni – Skiathos}

{Agia Eleni -Skiathos}

{Sunset in Agistros -Skiathos}

Enjoy! xxx

An ode to Greek Food!

It is so true when people say that you only appreciate something when you get to miss it… and this for me is the Greek food!

Being back to Ireland I couldn’t miss it more so dedicating this post to it was the least I could do.


{mixed sea food}

{amazing shrimp pasta}


{last but not least the famous Greek souvlaki}

I am sure that you are all feeling a bit hungry now…

I promise to get back to my beauty and make up posting soon… It was definitely worth posting these! Don’t you agree!?

Enjoy! x

Beach accessories

Beach accessories – be a Beach Queen!

I know I had promised to keep you all more up to date but when you are in a holiday mood and wifi or 3G are hard to find you have the best excuse to relax and enjoy after all life is a beach! 😉

While on my holidays i spend a long time at the beach, wearing my bikini and a small summer dress, this doesn’t really mean that you can’t wear accessories and feel more fashionable.

Try to wear non valuables accessories that are not affected by the sea salt or sun. See below what I went for.

{Being beach fashionable at Agistros beach in Skiathos}

and as we all have our lovely feet out – wearing sandals and summer flip flops why not accesoiries them to and make them feel happy and in style

{Enjoying my Freddo Cappuccino – putting my feet up in a cafe in Skiathos}

Enjoy the rest of you holidays till the sun in shining hot 😉