Story of my life

BeFunky_DSCN1992{Zara shoes}

Ok these may not be brand new but I have only managed to wear them once! So I guess this makes them still new!

It was a month ago I believe where I was walking passed Zara on my lunch break and decided to walk in and browse with absolutely no intention of purchasing anything! While looking around I faced these beauties and my heart was torn!

I knew that i shouldn’t be buying anything at that stage having credit card bills to pay (don’t we all) so I put my logic first, after of course trying them on and saying to my self how beautiful they look and how well these would go with my red trousers and my black shirt etc, and decided to leave the store.

Coming back to work the only thing that I could think of was the shoes and how I lovely they looked and how nice they made me feel when I was wearing them!

The result was that I running back to the store straight after work and getting the last pair on my size! I can’t wait to wear them next week now to my work’s Christmas party!!

Me and shoes the story of my life…



Who would have thought that I would be posting about golden accessories!

A few years ago I wouldn’t even dream of owning something gold, I thought that gold was just not for me and that gold could be too serious!

In the past 3-4 years though I have been a true converter, my silver and beaded accessories have given their place to my cutest and sweetest gold moments. I do switch back to my old habits though.. as a girl would do.

I am sure that if you were not in love with gold you will immediately fall once you lay your eyes on these.

{Gold is after all only a colour}

{Golden snake neck less that can be also worn as a bracelet – bought on my summer holidays}

{Matte gold leaf earrings}

{My new golden addition – Michael Kors}

{Rose gold and yellow gold – both presents from two good friends of mine}

You know who you are πŸ˜‰

(Joanna Cave designed earrings}

(a lovely gift from a lovely friend)

{Golden rings for golden fingers by Topshop}

Goodnight my precious golden friends!

May you have lots of golden dreams! πŸ™‚ I am off to my dreamland!

Pppprrrr … Animal Print for day time


I don’t know about you….. but I absolutely adore animal print! It is something that I would probably never consider a few years ago, but I have to say this year it is all about animal print.

The secret of course is knowing how to wear it and what type of clothing looks best on animal print.
In my opinion you have to treat animal print if like it was a single colour, ie black or brown, knowing that your life is immediately a lot easier πŸ™‚

I have put together here a few ideas on how to wear animal print for day time, going shopping, or to the office, going for a coffee with your friends etc.

Animal Print for day time

{Animal print for day time}
My animal print contribution to my wardrobe this autumn was a pair of loafers which I purchased from Clarks.Β 
{I love them! They wake up my inner tiger!}
Kassi x

My travels: Cannes – Nice – Monaco


Winter is hitting hard our lovely island and the Mediterranean sea and air is something that always miss.

Our recent trip to South of France was a true energy boost, lots of sun, sea, blue sky but also a bit of that Mediterranean rain which I hadn’t experienced for a while now.

{Anna Dello Russo earrings to add a bit glamour on a rainy night}

{An amazing chocolate and hazelnut ice-cream watching one of the most famous casinos}

{Persol sunglasses, Paul Smith shirt, TedΒ  Baker jacket, Tag Heuer watch}

{a warm Burberry jacket always keeps you warm and elegant looking}

{Cannes – old town}

{Nice – seafront}

{River Island shoes proven comfortable even when traveling }

{studded Zara leggins}

I hope you enjoyed the sun and sea through these photos as much as we did.

Next post to come soon relating to beauty, fashion and make up. We all need a break now and then it makes everyday life more interesting.



Tap tap to a bit of Irish dance


Last month I had the great opportunity to work for the second time with a very talented Irish dance dancer and teacher, Mary – Beth Taylor, for the creation of her second Irish dance teaching DVD. First time we got to work together was last August in her first teaching DVD where you can have a small preview here:

This was the first time that I got to experience a bit of Irish dancing so close so I have to admit that it was truly exciting!

{Mary Beth and her class in action}

For the first DVD we chose natural and earthy tones keeping always the red lipstick that Mary-Beth loves, adding that beautiful glow with the see-through loose Bourjois powder. {Bourjois loose powder}

{August 2011}

This years DVD is still in the making so I can only share with you the trial and backstage shots.

{The make up trial}

{The make-up trial look}

The shooting took place very early on a cold Saturday morning in October. We did the make up outdoors just to have the right light and to keep our model fresh….bbbrrrrrr!!!

{the kit}

and here is our final look…

{the look: October 2012}

will keep you updated when the video air sso you can all have a look at it and you never know consider starting some Irish dancing.

Hope you enjoyed!

K. x