Not your standard jean

My previous post about DIY tie dyed jeans, made me think what is really out there, and what are designer suggesting and creating for Spring 2013.
A good search showed the below results which I think are really cool and give a different style to our everyday style.
Maybe this is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you are not daring enough, you can always experiment with the darker / grey shades that I am suggesting below.
It looks that tie dyed, balayage style, or coloured jeans is the new trend for this spring coming up!
Can’t wait to try those bright colours!

D.I.Y. jeans

I am sure that you have all gone through your wardrobe thinking what to wear, and convincing yourself that you have nothing to wear, and that you are fed up of wearing the same things all the time. Even your favourite clothes are not that favourite anymore because you have worn them so much!

The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, and since a whole wardrobe revamp just because I felt like it,  is something that Kim Kardashian would only do… for the rest of us we just have to find ways to spice our clothes up, make them wearable again and give them that lift that they have been missing.

So what I am suggesting to all of you is a bit of DIY, and not to worry, if I can do it you can definitely do it! So how could you revamp those old jeans? In my case I dyed them!

All you are going to need is:BeFunky_BeFunky_Instant_1

  1. Old jeans
  2. Dye of your choice, go for darker so you can have good results, I chose burgundy
  3. Rubber bands, to give a pattern
  4. A big ball or a washing basket
  5. Salt
  6. Warm water
  7. Yellow gloves, to protect your hands


Use the rubber bands and rap them around your trousers to give the desirable design. Rubber bands will give a pattern of circles. If you don’t wish this, then you could tie them a few times in knots getting a different pattern. In my case I did both.

BeFunky_DSCN2019 and now the big moment.

How to:

  • Run your trousers under warm water so they are dump.
  • Dilute your dye according to the instruction. I had to dilute my DYLON dye in warm water adding one spoon full of salt to open up the pores of the fabric.
  • Make sure you wear your yellow gloves to protect your hands and take your big ball or washing basket and add enough water so your jeans will be covered once you dip them in.
  • Add the diluted die in your bucket and stir constantly for 30 minutes so the colour can be absorbed from the fabric.


  • Take the jeans out cut all the rubber bands, rinse them in warm water and then in cold water till the water runs clean.
  • Finally give them a wash with a soft detergent and you are ready to wear your new jeans!

Here are my revamped jeans!

BeFunky_DSC_0233 BeFunky_DSC_0247 BeFunky_DSC_0258

I would love to see your creations! Send me a photo on twitter, facebook or here in the blog of your attempts!



Nails – all time clasic

I know that the huge trend at the moment are funky, glittery, dark nails with lots of accessories on them, but as I have just mention this is only a trend, which we probably all have followed, I’m a huge victim myself!

Although when it comes to an all-time favourite and all-time classic look no one, and I am sure no one, would have say no the most elegant colour for our lovely finger tips, and this is red! From the 1930 till now this has been one of the most beautiful and elegant colours for women’s nails so I believe red nails are entitled to their own blog post!

Red nails can be worn anywhere and even at work, hence the photos (by my black keyboard). Don’t feel that it is only a party colour, when worn appropriately it shows confidence. After all women that take care of themselves show that can manage their personal time and split it between family work and looking after their appearance. Just don’t do your nails at work!


{ Red nail varnish by H&M Coral RoseBeFunky_DSCN1632 DSCN1625{Red nails against a black keyboard always look elegant}




Dark eyebrows and light hair

Eyebrows, one of the most important feature of our face. If you imagine that your face is a painting then your eyebrows would be the frame, and as it applies you would have to find the suitable frame for each painting to enhance it. You would probably never combine a renaissance painting with a harsh silver or black modern style frame. The same would apply for your eyebrows.

As I have mentioned a while ago here, my move to Ireland has definitely inspired and influenced my make up and style. One of these influence was that I started draw/paint my eyebrows more often than before.

But the question that we need to answer here is, what does one girl do when her hair is dyed in a lighter or darker shade than her eyebrows. Do you bleach? Do you tint? Or do you fake it? I personally would never tint or bleach my eyebrows I am the kind of person that would stick to their natural colour and wear with pride that great contrast that the two would have (hair and eyebrows), but if I would have to come to a decision then I would definitely fake it.

A few months ago my hair was red and since my eyebrows are not that thick and dark I played around with the colour and here is how I did it without being too obvious or intense with my result.


{Here is me before}

To enhance my eyebrows I used eye-shadow.  Make sure that the eye shadow is matte. This is very important as you don’t want your eyebrows to shine!


You will also need an angled brush to apply it for better results.


Apply it by following the natural arch of your eyebrows enhancing the outer part so you can make your eyes look slightly bigger and smoother. You don’t need to add much product just enough to create the illusion of the lighter shade. Adding too much will not give the desire result.

photo1The result.


The result is very subtle and my features are a lot more enhanced completing the whole look. As this is a morning make up I wouldn’t make my eyebrows any stronger for that reason and for the fact that I am using a lighter shade.

For a party look go stronger and you could use an eyebrow pencil that would give a more intense look.



7 shades of red

Some of you may have secretly or not secretly read, this very popular novel by the name of “50 shades of grey”. I have to admit that I am one of those that tried to read it but reached page 58 and was already fed up with it! The only good think that came out of this book was my inspiration for the name of this post.

So here I present to you my 7 and not 50 favourite shades of red!

7 shades for each day of the week. Red is such a beautiful colour and the main base for so many more. You can play around and find the red that suit you best, don’t just think that red is too bright, or just not you, finding that perfect shade of red will make you wonder why you didn’t wear it for so long.

Photos by Cledenir Lopez


{INGLOT 278}BeFunky_DSC_0048

{INGLOT 103}BeFunky_DSC_0065





{MAC – CHILLI – A32}





Here are the stars of this show, I could never make it without them.BeFunky_DSC_9986

So play around with what you have in your make up bag, and dress it up, you can all wear red. Let me know how you all got on and if you found the red that suits you most.