Naked 2

Hello to everyone and happy Easter to whoever is celebrating it!

I am writing to all of you from very cold but sunny Stockholm! A lovely city that is definitely worth visiting but you should try it in the summer time! The weather is so cold!!

Here is what I got today in my inflight shopping. Urban Decay – Naked 2, with a pocket lipstick as a gift. With this product you can never go wrong.

{ Urban Decay – Naked 2}
This is the new palette from Urban Decay. It features 12 different shades of pastel browns subtle beige and a pitch black eyeshadow perfect to be used as a eyeliner.



This is a nice palette for any complexion but I have to say that it looks great used with a smokey eye technique for the fairer ladies, blonds and reds, sometimes harsh black can be a bit too much for their look, if not done properly.

In my next few posts I am planning to prepare sessions for all of you do you can all master the so famous “smokey” eye!

Enjoy the weekend!


Bring the sunshine back

It has benn so miserable these past few days! I really can’t remember when was the last time I saw the sun! I feel like my hole body and soul are lacking vitamin D. No motivation or energy… Sun please shine on us. No more rain!

Just to boost my morale and turn against this horrible and grey weather I went for a deep sea blue to remind me of my favourite summer sea.

As you see even if you decide to do one colour to your nails you still need all these little bottles. You just have to do it right!

Here I have used Seventeen 492, one of my favourite colours especially when the calendar shows spring. This colour is one source of sunshine and will be putting a smile one my face!
All we need now is to accessorise those little fingers and we are ready for the sun and spring!


Let it be spring soon so I don’t have to wear my gloves and get to show off all this colour!

DIY – Brooch

    How to make a nice brooch out of materials that you can find in your house.

We all have so many stuff in our drawers that we don’t probably use, just think before you are about to throw them away. How could you use them differently, be creative and you never know what may come out of it.

Here you can see how I transformed a an old purse to lovely brooch with the help of a beaded necklace I was not wearing.




Last sew a safety pin on the back and your DIY brooch is ready to wear. I accessorized an old coat of mine, giving it a new look.



I would love to know if you managed to create something out of forgotten and unwanted things that you found in your drawers. Share with me the results.

My hidden beauties

The weather has been so bad in this side of the world and I m so limited in my everyday clothes and choice of shoes. It’s only boots and then more boots which I do love, but when the calendar hits March you just want to get rid of your Ugg boots. Don’t you?

These are my beauties which are hidden in my closet and wait to be worn by Zara and Aldo.


{Zara and Aldo shoes}





It’s all about the basics – nails

I never got a chance to wish to you all lovely ladies Happy woman’s day yesterday. A horrible migraine has left me idle for a day and a half now and I am only just starting to feel normal again.

I just wanted to share with all of you my new nail varnish additions! Maybeline had a great offer 3 for 2 and I got to refresh my basic nail varnish colours. Red, dark blue and jet black! I consider these colours the little black dress for your nails. Always in fashion, always elegant and you can never get it wrong in whatever occasion you will need to go.

{Candy apple red 15, Marinho 103, Blackout 677 and Dry Kwik}


A perfect manicure can only be perfect with the nail colour dryer by Sally Hansen, Dry Kwik, and i have to say that is really quick when in a rush.