Past hairstyles?? What next?

Hi everyone,

I am at this period of time where I have to question my next hair style.. shall I leave it long and natural and shall I have it cut in an 80’s style which is so in fashion and colour it??

I had to dig up some past photos of me to get my inspired and to help me make up my mind as I have been thinking about it for a few weeks now! I would love to hear what you have to say! Us girls we always need to chat about things before we go on and do it..


{2010 me – long and chocolate brown}


{2011 winter me – shorter and red}


{2011 summer me – copper red and boy short}


{summer 2012 me – short and brownie copper red}


{Now me – dark brown and short}

I would love to know what you think!!!??

Decisions in life! It so tough some times! đŸ™‚


Winter inspiration – The coloured coat

It has been a while since I touched this space! As a creative person myself I went through a creative drought period and lack of motivation! It happens to the best of us. You see visiting Greece for the Greek Easter, experiencing the lovely weather and eating all this amazing food led to major holiday blues when coming back to grey Dublin…

It has been so cold and grey but at least I get to wear my lovely winter coats and not my big puffy jacket! You always need to see the bright side of things! All this chilly weather got me thinking of all these lovely and oversized coats that will be out in stores in the next few months and I am definitely in the look for one.

Picture 3{Oversized coloured coats with matching clutches for the new AW 2014 season}

Colourful coats in spring time are the best way of kissing away winter and welcoming all summery happy, and colourful outfits,

Here are a few of my favourites colours for coats worn by two of my favourite and most inspirational ladies in fashion, Olivia Palermo and Anna Dello Russo.

Olivia Palermo

{Olivia Palermo, walking her lovely dog in a pastel coloured coat}

Anna Dello Russo at Viktor & Rolf

{Anna Dello Russo at Viktor & Rolf with a striking white coat with blue an white fur}

Anna Dello Russo wearing a Marc Jacobs hat and coat at Milan Fashion Week

{Anna Dello Russo wearing a Marc Jacobs hat and coat at Milan Fashion Week}

anna delo ruso

{Matching your clutch with your coat is definitely a new style to follow}


{60’s influence in this coloured Mac styled coat by Moschino}

olivia palermo1

{Olivia Palermo with a bright mustard yellow coat}

Burberry Womens Scarf Trench Coat Red

{Red Mac styled coat by Burberry}

For those of you who have currently skipped spring and are enjoying summer temperatures, I hope this blog post has cooled you off a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave some love đŸ™‚

Till next post then!


Local Designers

I don’t get to spent much of my time any more to my home town but whenever I get a chance I always love to walk around the city discoverimg the new hot spots and new shops that have sprung through my months absence.

This time a walk down the city centre reminded my of the artistic flair that this city has. I was pleasantly surprised that a few local designer had joined their forces together opening up a small design gallery  where I got to explore their creations.

BeFunky_CrossProcess_1.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3221.jpg BeFunky_Holgaart_4.jpg

Creations by Rene Karadimou

Accesoiries by Marina Ourinatisa

Fashion creations by Nikoleta Kaisi

Happy May

Just arrived to the airport and while waiting to board I just had to type a sneaky and quick little post to all of you and wish you all a lovely long weekend!
I am heading home to celebrate the Greek Easter ( I know we are a bit behind than the rest of the world)


Dressed in the happiest and most colourful outfit I am so excited to experience a bit of warmth and sun shine!
Hopefully I will be sharing my next post while lying on the beach!