Irish summer – Dress code

Irish Summer, an enigma that cannot be easily answered… Is it really a summer period, or just autumn disguised as spring?… This question is a tricky one…

Getting down to the detail though. We have been pretty privileged the past few weeks with a beautiful and spring/summery type of weather. Especially a few weekends ago the weather was that good that I actually wore shorts! Yes! I took my legs out and went to the beach! Now this is a dress code that is worth sharing and posting about because Irish summer means showing a bit of flesh but always keeping something covered just incase the cold wind decides to blow again.

So here is my Irish summer weekend a few weeks back! Enjoy because you may not see me in these clothes again! BeFunky_Instant_2.jpg

{Sandymount Beach in Dublin}



{Sun bathing in Dublin! – Yes it can happen!}


Clothes on the day: Jumpsuit – Seventy, Cardigan – Who*s Who


White on white

One of the all time favourite looks to all of us is the total black look, it has been worn by most of us and we praise it a lot around winter time!
How about though the total white look which it has especially been seen in all the latest fashion shows. For some it might be too daring but for me I believe that it is extremely elegant and chick.
Here is my interpretation for the “white on white” look for this summer. Topping up your tan is a must, and who said that elegant cannot be turned out sexy!White on white

Previously loved clothes

I am sure that the following will all sound familiar to you…

  1. You bought an outfit that you absolutely adored, wore it a few times in all different occasions, and now all your social circles have seen you wearing it – and your favourite outfit is hanging sad at the end of your wardrobe waiting to be given the love it deserves.
  2. You were given a gift from a friend that you weren’t very font of but you wore it a few times because you had to… but now you just can’t wear it any more
  3. You bought an outfit for a certain occasion (business) and you have only worn it once!
  4. You bought an outfit for a certain occasion/event but you never attend and this outfit still has its retail tag on!

Well all the above are me!
So how about getting involved in a “rail sale” like I have today!
Your unwanted clothes could be someone’s gem!





Come and have a look at the Morgan hotel in Dublin
See you there!

Milano Moda

As the Italian flavour is slowly fading off as the days go by, and while this blog is finding again its real self, I felt that sharing with you my few hours spent in fashionable Milano would be a nice way to land again to my fashion, make up and style related routine.

Only a few hours in this beautiful, but by many accused industrial city, can elevate your fashion sense and elegance. Walking down the via della Spinga and via Montenapoleone with their beautiful window displays you feel like time has stopped and the only thing you want to do is capture all this beauty.BeFunky_VintageColors_1.jpg



Even walking down to the most tourist area of Milan – il Duomo, I found myself in a fashion shoot taking place – I wonder where would this be advertised!



I think this city was made for me – I absolutely loved it!

Italian Riviera Memoirs – Cinque Terre

And here comes the chance again to be able to share with all of you my magical 3 days away!

Our second stop of this trip was the magical Cinque Terre – 5 little villages literally hanging of the Liguria coast. 5 little gems that anyone can visit in just 6 hours using the local train line. If you are brave enough you can hike from one village to the other to enjoy the views – this certainly was not this type of holiday for me.

We managed to visit all 5 and here is a small taste for all of you from Monterosso, Vernazza  Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. This is a place definitely worth visiting.







After a long walk around the Cinque Terre you can cool off and let all the scenery to settle with a nice walk around the Rapallo promenade. Another beautiful small village that can surely work as your starting and end destination for your day trips away. BeFunky_DSCN3560.jpgI hope you all enjoyed this beautiful break from reality!