Old… new best friend

It was so clearly stated back in October 2012 that pearls would be our new best friend. The whole accessories collection was all about reinventing pearls, bigger, chunkier, and for sure a statement piece in our wardrobe.
It is just so nice to see all this high fashion translated to everyday style, and when spring and summer comes you see all these girls down the street,  wearing their refreshed styled pearls on their way to work. I have to share this with you but it is a small joy of mine when I see all this high fashion serving everyone’s personal style! I love to see how people wear it and understand it.
{Chanel Spring Summer 2013 – just to refresh your minds}
And if you are looking on the type of pearls that you should be wearing this season here are a few tips if money is not an issue..
Perles are a girls new best friend
but if you are on my type of budget then the high street has some hidden gems for us,
{ZARA – 22,95 euro}
 {ZARA – 16.95 euro}

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