Sun Kissed look explained

Good morning everyone, happy Monday and hope you all have a great week ahead. I love when my precious followers ask for more details on one of my blog posts / looks and this time I was asked to give more details and tips on the sun kissed look that you all so enjoyed.

BeFunky_DSC_0048 sunkissed explained

The steps to do this look are easy because you are already basing it to your tanned complexion, but here are the details….

1. Moisturize  – The first step is to have a well moisturized face, and around the eyes area. A well moisturized face means that the products will be easier to apply and give a smooth effect. collage beauty products

{My moisturizing products at the moment}

2. Foundation & Concealer – The secret to this look is the foundation. For the summer months that our skin goes a bit darker I would advise to invest in a darker shade than the one you use for winter time, it just makes things a lot easier and you don’t have to be blending it with your bronzer to match the colour. Although, if owning two products is too much to ask, then your bronzer will have to work a bit harder to avoid that white ash look. For this look I went for the Mac Face and Body NC3. Make sure you use a round brush to blend it in well and start from the nose area where the redness is usually gathered.

For the concealer the only thing that you have to pay attention to is not to go too light. Blend well with a brush, step back and check, is there a big contrast to the foundation, if yes blend again.


{Mac Face and Body}

3. Bronzer – Bronzer is the hidden ace on your sleeve for this look. For my sun kissed look I used No7 Dual Bronzer. From the very start of my make up career I tend to use dual bronzers, I just feel that I have more of a choice and I don’t need to carry many products with me. Depending on your complexion blend the two or just use the most appropriate shade. Remember the no3 trick. Shape No3 on your face starting from your cheeks going up to your forehead and the going down to your cheeks again and last to your chin, with gentle strokes. The result should be subtle and natural.

 dual bronzer{No7 Dual Bronzer}

If you get these top 3 steps right then the rest is easy. For the blusher I went for a natural healthy pink colour and the same for the lipstick. Your eye shadow should be of a natural beige colour reflecting your skins natural shade. Finish up with black mascara.

An easy look for all times – you don’t need expensive products or hundreds of brushes to have a look that will make you feel confident and yourself.

Always here to answer your questions!




Natural sun kissed look

As far as my summer / tanned look lasts, and the calendar is still on September, I will try my best to stretch this summer feeling, although the temperature has dropped dramatically today!

Contrasting to the grey skies that have not decided to change colour yet, a natural sun kissed summer look is the perfect way for your first autumn make up looks, keeping the summer glow till it fades away. BeFunky_DSC_0046.jpgHow did I achieved this? Easy, using the water based foundation by MAC Face and Body, No 7 Compact Dual Bronzer, and a light pink blusher along with a light pink lipstick from Korres (Natural pink).BeFunky_DSC_0048.png

{Water based foundation and dual bronzer is the secret to your sun kissed look

Sun kissed look

For the eyes I used a matte light purple eye shadow by max factor and black mascara, don’t be restrained in the eye shadow colour, try something close to your skin tone or to a beige tanned tone, keeping it always fresh.

I decided not to fill my eyebrows as I wanted to achieve a very natural look, if you feel that you want to emphasize your eyes more then do go ahead with filling your eyebrows.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I am always happy to answer!


Spring time – Pastel time

The clock show almost Spring time and we all have to owner this beautiful season where all the flowers blossom and we all start feeling a bit lighter and start thinking about the summer that is due to come.
This spring, fashion demands colours and particularly pastel colours, giving that fresh and young feel to whoever wears them. Pastels are full of that young innocence that everyone of us can pull off once in a while
Estee Lauder and Essie have some lovely pastel palates for you nails this spring. Pair these up with stylish accessories and high open sandals and you are ready for these season, you will definitely wont go unnoticed.
Spring time

Sunny Saturday needs a sunny face!

The sun made it to Dublin this week, after 2 weeks of pure miserable and cold weather!
I have turned into an old crazy lady where my only conversations are around the weather and how cold it is! I am totally sick of this! I long those sunny warm days where my feet got burned from the hot sand! Oh well these days will soon come…

Since the weather is turning kinder and the psychology is moving towards the positive side of it I felt that this type of make up even for a nice Saturday stroll down the city centre would be suitable.
Here is me a few hours earlier after spending just 15 minutes on the mirror. Not bad eh?photo_4

Products used Naked2 palate – eye shadow TEASE to create that shadow on the eye lid. Mac creamy eyeliner and Channel rouge lacquer for the lips.

Ready to face the sunny yet cold weather with my fluffy white beret.


dublin south william

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone.

Oscar’s Make up

Just about when the Oscar’s fairy dust is starting to settle down and all the winners and nominees are starting to grasp the idea of their golden statue in the collections, we the everyday bloggers feel the need to praise our favourite appearances of the night!

The dresses were many, the make up glamorous, the ceremony like a dream that I would love to live in person somehow, sometime, in the future.

All I can do at the moment is share with you my favourite of all.

1. My number one for this years Oscar”s was surely Jessica Chastain. Her very classic red lipstick and black eyeliner really complimented her choice of dress. Very subtle and truly elegant. I have to say she gets it right two times in a row. (Oscars 2012)


2.  My number too has to be Charlize Theron. This woman’s face is like the perfect canvas! Whatever she does with her hair or make up she will always look the part! Her choice of this white gown was so gracefully complimented by her choice of subtle lips and fresh glowing foundation.


3. Jenifer Lawrence also went for subtle lips and a very soft and smokey eye with a silver grey effect finishing it of with a few fake eyelashes. This would be my favourite execution of a smokey eye.


4. Amanda Seyfried choice of a lavender smokey eyes and practically no lipstick, truly accentuated her look giving good balance to her appearance. A very fresh and elegant touch which I loved.


The Oscar’s and Hollywood elegance always stays true to itself never, with now exaggeration or overstatements. Subtle, elegant and very feminine make up always is the winner.

Here are a few looks that I found overstated and not at all effortless.

Although I find her a very talented Fashion Police presenter, this time I have to say her make up was not something that really pleased me. Her long eyelashes  and the choice of earthy tones of brown and red just didn’t work well.


Another no no was Kelly Osborne from Fashion Police. Her very eccentric style, which I sometimes adore, this time was not interpreted well in her choice of lipstick and her purple hair. Maybe next year.  I have to say though that I really enjoyed watching her co-presenting the Fashion police live from the red carpet.


Last but not least, Kirsten Stewart. Not because her look was not nice, but because I am tired of seeing her with the same style of hair and make up. I would have loved to see her hair differently and with a more vibrant fresher look that will make her up bright up.


I would love to know your favourite looks on these Academy Awards and your opinion.

{These photos do not belong to me - the majority of them are from Getty images and the web}