Let the truth shine – Aveda

While having started this blog I have been sharing all my insights about beauty, make up, fashion and style and I feel the need to be true to all of you my faithful readers about everything I write.
So this post is to set things straight about my new addition to my beauty regime that I wrote about here.
Aveda tourmaline
{Only for very dry skin, not to be used on normal to dry skin}
My Aveda tourmaline day face cream that I was writing about didn’t leave me that happy at then end. After using it for 11 days it made my skin broke out into, not so attractive spots!  The reason was that in the end this cream was too heavy for my skin and even thought the cold weather it was still too rich for my skin. Sometimes it is down to trial and error.
I went back to Aveda and I replaced it with a much lighter moistoirising lotion wich smells absolutely lovely as it have extracts of camomile and jojoba. Let’s hope that this times it wont be a trial and error case!
Here is what I replaced it with.
aveda lotion
{A lighter hydrating lotion by Aveda with camomile and jojoba}
My learnings:
My trial and error experience, proved, at least for my skin, that when it’s very cold it is much better to replace the hydration that the skin looses, with a high hydrating face mask, rather than a richer moisturiser.
Someone has to take one for the team and this time it was me!

Beauty is in the eyes

Following my recent quest to good valuable and effective beauty products, I spend a few hours this weekend in researching and searching for a nice natural and effective anti – aging eye cream.

And my winner is Rituals a natural brand with “….a passion to transform everyday routines into magnificent rituals” as their brand proposition.


I decided to go for their natural Line Defense eye lotion, I have used it for a couple of days now at night time and immediately it gives you a very fresh sensation, that can be very refreshing after a long day. I also liked its light and fluid texture (lotion) it is not as rich (thick) as the strong anti aging eye creams.

I know that I am hitting that decade where one should be more aware of these signs (lines) but this nice eye lotion doesn’t make me feel that old! Price wise, it is always in my range, as I say not to flashy not too cheap, and at the price of 24 Euros it seems ok for what it does. I would therefore recommended.


I would love to here if you have used this eye lotion before and what you thought of it.

My beauty products

Have a good month everyone, one more month and the cold winter is going to wave us goodbye. I though to start this month by letting you have a small sneak peek to my everyday beauty routine. It’s all down to sharing knowledge!

As a make up fanatic, I am very aware that a flawless make up means a flawless skin and I have managed to achieve this to a good extent with a lot of care. How do I it.?

Here are my beauty secrets – not too flashy not to cheap – just right for me.


Day Time

I  have just bought a new moisturiser by Aveda for more info click here.

Aveda tourmaline

This moisturiser can be used for day or night, and is targeted for very dry skin. Although, my skin is normal and not at all dry, this moisturiser is just right for me during this very cold winter. This is a tip that you should all have in mind. When living in a cold climate go for a richer moisturiser, that will help and south your skin during the cold winter months. When the weather get’s a bit warmer I will switch to a more fluid moisturiser. I usually go for La Roche Posay Hydrean.


For my eyes at the moment I am using a gentle moisturiser by Lancôme

lancome zen

I have been using this cream for a while now, and I have to say that I am quite happy with it, it is very refreshing to my eyes as it works as an anti-fatigue, something that we all need for our tired computer eyes. Although, I haven’t had any issues with it,  I am thinking of changing it and to an anti – aging one as those fine lines have started to appear…not a look that I like.

Night Care

No7 cream

I have been using the No7 night cream for a while now, I bought it being a bit sceptical, but I have to say I haven’t had any issues with it and it has a very light texture that makes my skin feel very radiant and fresh in the morning. I would definitely recommended for those times that you don’t want to spent that much.

Face mask

Last but no least my Skin Calming Mask by Clinique


I had this mask for a while now, and I have to say that I am not using it as often as I should. It is a lovely mask giving a calming and southing feeling to your skin especially if it has been irritated. This mask has now been discontinued by Clinique, so I should make it last as long as possible and look for a good alternative. Suggestion always welcomed.

Mother earth

Life some times surprises you and when you think that everything is well planed, you can loose track of things and end up not keeping your promises! That one goes to me that have lost touch with my so loved blog and my so loved followers. I will try to make it up to you this weekend with the posts that I am preparing.

This post is a special request from one of the readers and she asked me to write about natural products that I love.


One of my favourite natural product brands is KORRES I have been using their products for a while and especially when I was living in Greece. All the products are natural and are produced by natural ingredients from the Greek flora.

I particularly love these very natural lipsticks from cherry oil – I find them very fresh and light based with a beautiful cherry smell. I keep mine in my bag every day and re apply it through out the day


Another natural company that I have recently found out about with lovely natural products is the Irish company called VOYA. The main ingredient of the products is the Irish seaweed and the the company is mainly focusing on spa, body and face products. I would love to try their exfoliating body brush and also their cellulite massager – summer is almost here and in order to have a beach body we have to make sure that we look after it.


APIVITA is another Greek company which has been around for many years offering the best of Greek nature. The company offers mainly spa, and face cream products and can accommodate all skin types. Below you see a lovely body scrub that you can find as I am very inspired by summer you should all know that a golden and even tan is gained only if you have scrubbed your body with an oil based scrub preparing it for the sun exposure.

Enjoy pampering using the best of mother nature!

…for your eyes only

My readers have recently been very proactive asking me a lot of interesting questions about make up, tools, techniques which is making me extremely happy. You know that is always my pleasure to answer them so please feel free to ask either on my facebook page or here on the blog.

This time the question was about eye shadows creasing. How do we make the eyeshadow last longer and how do we prevent the eye shadow to crease?? All these will be answered below.

Eye shadow creasing after wearing it for 5 hours

I have a few good tips on this one so get ready.

The factors that lead to having the creasing result can vary – starting from the quality of the eye shadow, the skin texture, the weather and even the climate. So don’t blame your skin as you would usually do.

So what can we do to prevent this from happening. Many of you make up geeks would say primer, and this answer is correct! I have to say though that the eye primer is different to the one used for the face. The one we use for the whole face can be a bit heavy and rich for the sensitive and thin skin of the eyes.

Low cost solutions (from your make up bag)

1.Using your own make up could be a low cost solution as you wouldn’t have to spend on buying new products

2. Replacing your creamy eye shadows with powder based eye shadows

3. Using concealer on your eyelid and then applying your eye shadow

The above solutions I would say that are more traditional and would definitely not cost you much. However if you are really looking for a product that would solve this for ever get your pen and paper and take notes.

1. Inglot Eye make up base

Using an eye make up base will definitely prevent your eyeshadow to crease and I have to say that the make up base from Inglot it is a very good one to use. I have used it and I was very pleased with it.

2. Lemon aid – Benefit

Benefit has a very beautiful eye base primer which I would highly recommend as it prepares the skin for your eye shadow.

When you use them please let me know how you got on.

Don’t forget I am always here to answer your questions.

till the next post