Restless summer feet

Gosh! First post in the last 3 weeks!

It feels great to be back on my cute laptop typing away but I have to say that it feels very strange for my little restless feet that have been used to wearing my nice black flip flops walking up and down the white painted small roads of the Cyclades and feeling the sand and sea tickling them away!

Oh! The holidays blues have really hit home! Too grey to be thinking of summer and too warm to be thinking of white Christmas (my other favourite time of year). Stuck in the middle and what’s left to do is to think back to my summer painted toes and plan ahead.


{Rainbow nails}


{Summer Contrast – Cold vs Warm}


{Feet up in Paros – Hot looks, Go Retro Purple}


{Summer feet in Koufonisi, Cyclades}


{I couldn’t keep these little fingers out of this post so here you go, my summer island nail look, matching it with my purple toes – Neon green by American Apparel}


{Black sand in Santorini – Orange Fear or Desire by Essie}


{Last summer swim – September in Afisos, Pelion, Greece}

Happy September everyone and don’t forget to leave your comments and love that is much expected and appreciated!



Milano Moda

As the Italian flavour is slowly fading off as the days go by, and while this blog is finding again its real self, I felt that sharing with you my few hours spent in fashionable Milano would be a nice way to land again to my fashion, make up and style related routine.

Only a few hours in this beautiful, but by many accused industrial city, can elevate your fashion sense and elegance. Walking down the via della Spinga and via Montenapoleone with their beautiful window displays you feel like time has stopped and the only thing you want to do is capture all this beauty.BeFunky_VintageColors_1.jpg



Even walking down to the most tourist area of Milan – il Duomo, I found myself in a fashion shoot taking place – I wonder where would this be advertised!



I think this city was made for me – I absolutely loved it!

Italian Riviera Memoirs – Cinque Terre

And here comes the chance again to be able to share with all of you my magical 3 days away!

Our second stop of this trip was the magical Cinque Terre – 5 little villages literally hanging of the Liguria coast. 5 little gems that anyone can visit in just 6 hours using the local train line. If you are brave enough you can hike from one village to the other to enjoy the views – this certainly was not this type of holiday for me.

We managed to visit all 5 and here is a small taste for all of you from Monterosso, Vernazza  Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. This is a place definitely worth visiting.







After a long walk around the Cinque Terre you can cool off and let all the scenery to settle with a nice walk around the Rapallo promenade. Another beautiful small village that can surely work as your starting and end destination for your day trips away. BeFunky_DSCN3560.jpgI hope you all enjoyed this beautiful break from reality!

Italian Riviera Memoirs – Portofino

It feels so soothing getting to spend a few hours on this so loved space of mine – and I am not talking about the Italian Riviera now, but about this so beloved blog space which lately seems to be so difficult to log on to! Life can be so inspiring but so busy at the same time and some times 24hours are not enough!

I have so many things to share with all of you but as I say I will start from the beginning! It feels like a life time but it was only a week ago where I had the pleasure to spend a few days in the magical land of the Italian Riviera! I honestly hadn’t thought of the beauty of this place, the colours, the smells, the flowers, the sea, it was just magical just out of this world. This beauty has to be shared and this is my mission for tonight!

DSCN3469BeFunky_DSCN3437.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3490.jpg BeFunky_VintageColors_1.jpg

Portofino is surely a tiny small gem hidden in the Italian Riviera, just 2,5 hours train ride from Milan. Spending just a few hours in this land is more than enough to relax and forget about the everyday life that so consumes us.

Next time I go there – it will have to be with my own boat!… after all we all have the right to dream!

Goodnight to all for now and my Italian Riviera stories will be continued tomorrow.

Life is a beach

15th August

Whoever is from Greece knows that this is a big celebration day which you usually spent away from the city and usually near a beach.

Life has it and I am at rainy Dublin which was today hit by a hurricane!

As you have all guessed I am going through my holiday blues. These photos will definitely cheer me up, I hope they will do the same to you, especially dedicated to those that were working today and are quite a long way from a beach.

{Sunset in Agia Eleni – Skiathos)

{lazy time in Mandraki beach – Skiathos}

{relaxing in Agia Eleni – Skiathos}

{Agia Eleni -Skiathos}

{Sunset in Agistros -Skiathos}

Enjoy! xxx