French manicure, my interpretation

We all know the popular French manicure with the white tip, and we have all done it many times. Personally I have never been a big fan of it, I just feel that it is a bit too conservative for me, so I always try to find ways to quirky it up, and make it more playful. So here is my interpretation of it.

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Όλες μας γνωρίζουμε καλά το λευκό Γαλλικό μανικιοúρ, και όλες μας το έχουμε φορέσει αρκετές φορές. Προσωπικά δεν το έχω υποστηριξει και πολύ, ίσως να είναι λίγο συντηριτικό για εμένα. Γι ΄αυτό πάντα προσπαθώ να βρώ μοντέρνους και διαφορετικούς τρόπους που να μου ταιριάζουν. Εδώ σας δείχνω μια διαφορετική εκτέλεση του.







We will need green and black nail varnish, top and base coat and our stick on French tips. Paint with the light (green) varnish your nails and let it dry. When it has dried, place the stick-on tips and then paint the black varnish and then quickly remove the tip, and let it dry. Decide whether you want to have a full French tip result or you can just leave a couple like I did. Finish with your top coat and you are ready!

Good luck

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Θα χρειαστούμε πράσινο και μαύρο μανό, βάση, γυαλιστικό και τις αυτοκόλητες ταινίες για το γαλλικό μανικιουρ. Βάφουμε τα νύχια μας πράσινα και τα αφήνουμε να στεγνώσουν. Αφού στεγνώσουν καλά κολάμε τις ταινίες στην άκρη των νυχιών και περνάμε το μαυρο μανό και αφαιρούμε γρήγορα τη ταινία. Είναι πολύ συμαντικό να το αφήσουμε να στεγνώσει καλά πριν βαλουμε το γύαλιστικό. Αποφασίστε αν θέλετε το ίδιο αποτέλεσμα σε όλα τα νύχια ή απλά σε μερικά. Μόλις στεγνώσουν βάζουμε το γυαλιστικό και είμαστε έτοιμες!

Καλή επιτυχία!


Milano Moda

As the Italian flavour is slowly fading off as the days go by, and while this blog is finding again its real self, I felt that sharing with you my few hours spent in fashionable Milano would be a nice way to land again to my fashion, make up and style related routine.

Only a few hours in this beautiful, but by many accused industrial city, can elevate your fashion sense and elegance. Walking down the via della Spinga and via Montenapoleone with their beautiful window displays you feel like time has stopped and the only thing you want to do is capture all this beauty.BeFunky_VintageColors_1.jpg



Even walking down to the most tourist area of Milan – il Duomo, I found myself in a fashion shoot taking place – I wonder where would this be advertised!



I think this city was made for me – I absolutely loved it!

Blue Inspiration

After seeing these outfits presented in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia S/S 13 – 14, it seemed that the majority of Australian designers were focusing on metallic colours and striking blues.

Picture 2

Having all this in mind my next purchase was already decided adding to my ever growing make up collection a bit of this blue glamour. A cheap and cheerful No7 Eyeliner by Boots did the trick and it carries the name of Sky Highs! Inspirational indeed!

Using a natural colour eye shadow as the base just follow the natural line of your eye and extend ever so slightly just to make your look a bit more dramatic. Finish up with a blue mascara and light colour lipstick.

For this look I felt that my Anna Dello Russo earings from her latest collaboration with H&M had to be taken out of their fancy box and on my little ears! These must be my ultimate summer night out accessories.

BeFunky_DSCN3200.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3191.jpg

A very easy look to pool and especially my favourite for this summer.

Would love to know if you will be incorporating blue in your make up routine for this summer. Feel free to send me your comments either on this space or on facebook or twitter page. I am always on them.

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Girlie vs Rock

Friday nigh last night and the usual suspects gather up for the usual end of the week drink, celebrating the weekend that is about to start.

…and it’s decision time, the kind of decisions that I like to be faced with… What to wear!?

Is it going to be a girlie or a rock chick look. Is it going to be embracing the spring or kissing goodbye my winter total black wardrobe?



You can never go wrong with a bit of a rock element for your Friday night! A rock outfit is more my type on a Friday night. The girlie me can wait till the morning!

Spring time – Pastel time

The clock show almost Spring time and we all have to owner this beautiful season where all the flowers blossom and we all start feeling a bit lighter and start thinking about the summer that is due to come.
This spring, fashion demands colours and particularly pastel colours, giving that fresh and young feel to whoever wears them. Pastels are full of that young innocence that everyone of us can pull off once in a while
Estee Lauder and Essie have some lovely pastel palates for you nails this spring. Pair these up with stylish accessories and high open sandals and you are ready for these season, you will definitely wont go unnoticed.
Spring time