Old jeans… old friends

You open up your wardrobe and you dig out these old jeans that you haven’t worn in months, yes you love them, you have so many memories with them, they’re still stylish but for some reason you have complete forgotten about them… and then you slip them on…. oh what a feeling, how comfy, just like old friends, you don’t need to say much but they still get you. Well now is the time to style them up and give them the outing these jeans deserve and this is how I did it.

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Ανοίγεις τη ντουλάπα σου και ανακαλύπτεις το παλιό σου τζιν που έχεις να φορέσεις μήνες! Ναι, αυτό το τζιν το αγαπάς, εχεις τόσες αναμνήσεις φορώντας το και πάλι καλά έιναι ακόμα στη μόδα, αλλά για κάποιο λόγο το είχες ξεχάσει τελείως! … και το φοράς…. αυτό είναι, η τέλεια αίσθηση, άνετο και σου μπαίνει γάντι, σαν ένα παλιό γνώριμο φίλο που δε χρειάζεται να πεις πολλά αλλά σε πιάνει. Τώρα όμως πρέπει να του δώσει το στυλ που του αξίζει… εγώ το σκέφτηκα κάπως έτσι.


{ONLY jeans}


{top by Rene Karadimou}


{Shoes by ZARA, bag DKNY, and vintage earrings}


{Leather jacket by SELECTED FEMME}


{Make up: subtle base but with a vibrant blue line and black mascara, making it more suitable for autumn – Μακιγιάζ: απαλή βάση με έντονο μπλε eyeliner συνδιασμένο με μαύρη μάσκαρα για πιο φθινοπωρινό look}


Simple and stylish, after all you can’t go wrong with jeans and a top!


photos by: Antonis


Autumn thoughts

The past few weeks the weather in Dublin has surely taken a turn making us all think that autumn is just around the corner. And although I am on a vey summer mood as my holiday time is only at its very start, I feel that at least a small preview of what we are going to be experiencing in the next few months is a must. So my busy blogger hat is on and even while on holidays and with a full moon waiting for me outsitde, I am working away on my e-moodboards to share with you; and when September kicks in you will be feeling the autmun love!

autumn makeupartistas

{Coat & Shoes – Zara, Jeans – Gap, bag – KEM}

autumn makeupartistas2

{Lipstick – Inglot}


Summer outfits – The floral pants

A few days left and I am heading to my favourite place of all, home, Greece.
Home, the place where you feel that everything is possible, the place where you head to gain strength and energy for the next steps to come and that’s where I am going!
Now that my holidays are planed, tickets booked, accommodation sorted, all I got to do is plan my outfits, and one that I will be definitely taking with me is my floral pants!
{Floral Pants – River Island, Shirt – Penneys, Watch – Michael Kors, Chain – Penneys}
If you haven’t tried this look yet, this is the month to do so, just before we start shifting our interest to our autumn wardrobe!
The floral pant
Blogging to inspire you,
just Kassi

Irish summer – Dress code

Irish Summer, an enigma that cannot be easily answered… Is it really a summer period, or just autumn disguised as spring?… This question is a tricky one…

Getting down to the detail though. We have been pretty privileged the past few weeks with a beautiful and spring/summery type of weather. Especially a few weekends ago the weather was that good that I actually wore shorts! Yes! I took my legs out and went to the beach! Now this is a dress code that is worth sharing and posting about because Irish summer means showing a bit of flesh but always keeping something covered just incase the cold wind decides to blow again.

So here is my Irish summer weekend a few weeks back! Enjoy because you may not see me in these clothes again! BeFunky_Instant_2.jpg

{Sandymount Beach in Dublin}



{Sun bathing in Dublin! – Yes it can happen!}


Clothes on the day: Jumpsuit – Seventy, Cardigan – Who*s Who

Winter inspiration – The coloured coat

It has been a while since I touched this space! As a creative person myself I went through a creative drought period and lack of motivation! It happens to the best of us. You see visiting Greece for the Greek Easter, experiencing the lovely weather and eating all this amazing food led to major holiday blues when coming back to grey Dublin…

It has been so cold and grey but at least I get to wear my lovely winter coats and not my big puffy jacket! You always need to see the bright side of things! All this chilly weather got me thinking of all these lovely and oversized coats that will be out in stores in the next few months and I am definitely in the look for one.

Picture 3{Oversized coloured coats with matching clutches for the new AW 2014 season}

Colourful coats in spring time are the best way of kissing away winter and welcoming all summery happy, and colourful outfits,

Here are a few of my favourites colours for coats worn by two of my favourite and most inspirational ladies in fashion, Olivia Palermo and Anna Dello Russo.

Olivia Palermo

{Olivia Palermo, walking her lovely dog in a pastel coloured coat}

Anna Dello Russo at Viktor & Rolf

{Anna Dello Russo at Viktor & Rolf with a striking white coat with blue an white fur}

Anna Dello Russo wearing a Marc Jacobs hat and coat at Milan Fashion Week

{Anna Dello Russo wearing a Marc Jacobs hat and coat at Milan Fashion Week}

anna delo ruso

{Matching your clutch with your coat is definitely a new style to follow}


{60’s influence in this coloured Mac styled coat by Moschino}

olivia palermo1

{Olivia Palermo with a bright mustard yellow coat}

Burberry Womens Scarf Trench Coat Red

{Red Mac styled coat by Burberry}

For those of you who have currently skipped spring and are enjoying summer temperatures, I hope this blog post has cooled you off a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave some love 🙂

Till next post then!