My Cristmas’ eve make up

My Christmas Eve make up, inspired by the Miami sunset, excuse the quality of the photos, these were taken by my iPad 🙂


Summer is here!

One thing is sure when living in Ireland…. You can never trust the weather!

{A typical summer day…. it could even be a typical winter day}

You will never know when a summer day will come… but when the calendar hits June you now that your summer spirit should be here!

The summer is in our heart and if we feel that a summer look is the way then we must go for it and not let it depend on the weather, just wear a few more layers of summer clothing and you will be fine!! 🙂

My look today is inspired by the colours of the Greek sea! Green and blues!

Having booked my tickets for my summer holiday I am mentally preparing myself for it by playing around with different summer make up looks.

{Getting ready for my Sunday coffee}

{Make up all done and accessorizes picked}

{last finishing touches}

Brighten up a cold, rainy summer day by wearing a pink scarf and a bright umbrella, accesoirize and always have your nails in bright colours, this will definitely up your spirit!

{A great summer lipstick to keep in your bag: KORRES – ROSE 22}

The products used for this look:


Lipstick : KORRES – ROSE 22


Eye pencil: Rainbow No 514

Eye liner: MAC Blacktrack fluidline

Eye shadow: L’Oreal Paris 504, The Body Shop , Warm palette


Blusher: The Crown Brushes – Blusher palette

Foundation: Inglot AMC Cream Foundation LW700

Concealer: MAC NC20

and don’t forget wake up to your make up…. xxx

Affordable foundation – Review

Foundations for less than 10 euros

Makeupartistas reviews foundations to find the best just for you.

I was recently asked from one of my readers to write a review about foundations in terms of coverage, price, quality, texture and of course variety of shades. So I decided that I will be reviewing affordable brands that most of younger women are happy to pay while being cautious on their spending.

Essence stay all day

Rate: 4/10

What I loved: The price – 4.09 euros

What I didn’t like: Limited shades

The good thing about this product is it’s price, you can find it in different retailers for only 4.09 euros which is a big plus. The shades available are very limited and unless your skin tone fits to under IVORY, LIGHT BEIGE or SAND then look for another brand.

When trying it on I found it’s texture very heavy and rich for my liking. On the other hand this means that it can give a good coverage especially if your skin is pron to spots and redness. It’s finish is velvety but you have to make sure that you blend it well as it’s thick texture can leave you looking that you are wearing too much of it.

Catrice Cosmetic

Rate: 5/10

What I loved: The price – 6.99 euros

What I didn’t like: Heavy texture

A really good priced product offering a larger range in terms of shades, good for yellow or pink based skin with a matte velvet finish. If you prefer to have a more natural look this is not the product that offers it. It’s texture is very rich and I could even consider it heavy. Good if you need coverage.

NYC (New York Colour)

Rate: 6/10

What I loved: The price – 3.99 euros

What I didn’t like: Finish result

In the same “less than 10 euros” category this foundation with 6 different shades is able to accommodate even the whitest skin. I was happy with its texture as it was very light and thin but you need to blend it well as it is not as smooth and it may seem to leave lines if not applied well. So blend well with either a brush or your fingers.


With RIMMEL I reviewed 3 of their products.



Rate: 8/10

What I loved: Light Texture

What I didn’t like: I have to say I was pleased with both of them

I found both of these products very good and especially loved their prices for 8,85 euros each. You get a good foundation with light texture, very easy to apply as it blends very well even with your fingers and gives you a very natural look. One pump is just enough for all the face. If you need coverage then these products would not be very helpful to you as the texture is very light, but with a highlighter you get an even better result.


Rate: 7,5/10

What I loved: Good coverage

What I didn’t like: Heavy texture and a bit dry

For just 6.95 euros you can get a good quality foundation that gives you good coverage, it comes in 6 different shades and its IVORY shade can accommodate even the whitest Irish skin.  I found its texture a bit heavy for my taste and a bit dry. Make sure you moisturize well before hand to achieve a smoother finish.

I hope you found this post useful, always here to answer your questions

Dare to “bare”

The bare look can  be a great success especially when the face that wears it has a good structure and is absolutely beautiful!

Natural look is one of my favourite looks, because it makes you look years younger and very fresh! If you dare to go with very little make up then it means that you are very confident of your looks and that you know how to cover up but being “nude” at the same time!

After all this is the look that many Hollywood actresses have worn over the years in the red carpet. Demi Moore looks fantastic with this make up look.

Demi Moore with a natural flawless look

Natalie Portman below wears the same natural look with the only differences that she has emphasized the lips with a pink-red lipstick.

Natalie Portman

My model below looks fabulous with this natural look. She looks amazing and with these beautiful eyes she does not need much make up to look absolutely fab!

The secret to achieving this look is to use a good cover up foundation if your skin is not as clear and a good cover up concealer to cover the fatigue. The eye – shadows that I used have a bit of shimmer adding glow and giving a glamorous and fresh look. The cheeks and lips are very subtle and of pinky shades. The products I used for this make up are Max factor foundation 102, Mac concealer NC20, Body Shop eye – shadows: All over shimmer cubes the warm palette, and channel 080 blusher, for the lips I just used a light pink lipstick from max factor.

Natural morning look

Natural morning look

Another example of the dare to “bare” look is below. As you can see adding a bit of shimmer to your eye-shadow or bronzer can change the natural look from an morning to an evening look.

Natural look worn to a beach wedding reception

I hope you got some good tips of how to achieve it!

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