Sun Kissed look explained

Good morning everyone, happy Monday and hope you all have a great week ahead. I love when my precious followers ask for more details on one of my blog posts / looks and this time I was asked to give more details and tips on the sun kissed look that you all so enjoyed.

BeFunky_DSC_0048 sunkissed explained

The steps to do this look are easy because you are already basing it to your tanned complexion, but here are the details….

1. Moisturize  – The first step is to have a well moisturized face, and around the eyes area. A well moisturized face means that the products will be easier to apply and give a smooth effect. collage beauty products

{My moisturizing products at the moment}

2. Foundation & Concealer – The secret to this look is the foundation. For the summer months that our skin goes a bit darker I would advise to invest in a darker shade than the one you use for winter time, it just makes things a lot easier and you don’t have to be blending it with your bronzer to match the colour. Although, if owning two products is too much to ask, then your bronzer will have to work a bit harder to avoid that white ash look. For this look I went for the Mac Face and Body NC3. Make sure you use a round brush to blend it in well and start from the nose area where the redness is usually gathered.

For the concealer the only thing that you have to pay attention to is not to go too light. Blend well with a brush, step back and check, is there a big contrast to the foundation, if yes blend again.


{Mac Face and Body}

3. Bronzer – Bronzer is the hidden ace on your sleeve for this look. For my sun kissed look I used No7 Dual Bronzer. From the very start of my make up career I tend to use dual bronzers, I just feel that I have more of a choice and I don’t need to carry many products with me. Depending on your complexion blend the two or just use the most appropriate shade. Remember the no3 trick. Shape No3 on your face starting from your cheeks going up to your forehead and the going down to your cheeks again and last to your chin, with gentle strokes. The result should be subtle and natural.

 dual bronzer{No7 Dual Bronzer}

If you get these top 3 steps right then the rest is easy. For the blusher I went for a natural healthy pink colour and the same for the lipstick. Your eye shadow should be of a natural beige colour reflecting your skins natural shade. Finish up with black mascara.

An easy look for all times – you don’t need expensive products or hundreds of brushes to have a look that will make you feel confident and yourself.

Always here to answer your questions!




Natural sun kissed look

As far as my summer / tanned look lasts, and the calendar is still on September, I will try my best to stretch this summer feeling, although the temperature has dropped dramatically today!

Contrasting to the grey skies that have not decided to change colour yet, a natural sun kissed summer look is the perfect way for your first autumn make up looks, keeping the summer glow till it fades away. BeFunky_DSC_0046.jpgHow did I achieved this? Easy, using the water based foundation by MAC Face and Body, No 7 Compact Dual Bronzer, and a light pink blusher along with a light pink lipstick from Korres (Natural pink).BeFunky_DSC_0048.png

{Water based foundation and dual bronzer is the secret to your sun kissed look

Sun kissed look

For the eyes I used a matte light purple eye shadow by max factor and black mascara, don’t be restrained in the eye shadow colour, try something close to your skin tone or to a beige tanned tone, keeping it always fresh.

I decided not to fill my eyebrows as I wanted to achieve a very natural look, if you feel that you want to emphasize your eyes more then do go ahead with filling your eyebrows.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I am always happy to answer!


Tall Ships

Dublin has been so pleasant for the past few days, the weather has been relatively warm and apart from that, some really beautiful tall ships visited, and we all felt a bit like “The pirates of the Caribbean”.

What would have been then the most appropriate look for a day like that?? … What else, the sailor look, with some bright and happy eye make up.

{The river was so busy – what a great vibe}

{Bright make up for a happy day}

To create this look I used  as an eyeshadow base MAC Pink Freeze, and then with an angled brush I applied  MAC Creme de Violet, and finished it off with a  light blue eye pencil from Sephora: Rainbow Priorities No514. I love to use blue mascara when wearing this look, it makes it a lot more interesting and adds this fun element to it.

For the lips I used Lipstick: Korres Rose 22,

For the cheeks I used Blusher form CrownBrushes

{A sailor styled top with white jean trousers – the look for a “Tall Ship” day}

{My new lovely bag}

I hope you all enjoyed!


Summer is here!

One thing is sure when living in Ireland…. You can never trust the weather!

{A typical summer day…. it could even be a typical winter day}

You will never know when a summer day will come… but when the calendar hits June you now that your summer spirit should be here!

The summer is in our heart and if we feel that a summer look is the way then we must go for it and not let it depend on the weather, just wear a few more layers of summer clothing and you will be fine!! 🙂

My look today is inspired by the colours of the Greek sea! Green and blues!

Having booked my tickets for my summer holiday I am mentally preparing myself for it by playing around with different summer make up looks.

{Getting ready for my Sunday coffee}

{Make up all done and accessorizes picked}

{last finishing touches}

Brighten up a cold, rainy summer day by wearing a pink scarf and a bright umbrella, accesoirize and always have your nails in bright colours, this will definitely up your spirit!

{A great summer lipstick to keep in your bag: KORRES – ROSE 22}

The products used for this look:


Lipstick : KORRES – ROSE 22


Eye pencil: Rainbow No 514

Eye liner: MAC Blacktrack fluidline

Eye shadow: L’Oreal Paris 504, The Body Shop , Warm palette


Blusher: The Crown Brushes – Blusher palette

Foundation: Inglot AMC Cream Foundation LW700

Concealer: MAC NC20

and don’t forget wake up to your make up…. xxx

Dare to “bare”

The bare look can  be a great success especially when the face that wears it has a good structure and is absolutely beautiful!

Natural look is one of my favourite looks, because it makes you look years younger and very fresh! If you dare to go with very little make up then it means that you are very confident of your looks and that you know how to cover up but being “nude” at the same time!

After all this is the look that many Hollywood actresses have worn over the years in the red carpet. Demi Moore looks fantastic with this make up look.

Demi Moore with a natural flawless look

Natalie Portman below wears the same natural look with the only differences that she has emphasized the lips with a pink-red lipstick.

Natalie Portman

My model below looks fabulous with this natural look. She looks amazing and with these beautiful eyes she does not need much make up to look absolutely fab!

The secret to achieving this look is to use a good cover up foundation if your skin is not as clear and a good cover up concealer to cover the fatigue. The eye – shadows that I used have a bit of shimmer adding glow and giving a glamorous and fresh look. The cheeks and lips are very subtle and of pinky shades. The products I used for this make up are Max factor foundation 102, Mac concealer NC20, Body Shop eye – shadows: All over shimmer cubes the warm palette, and channel 080 blusher, for the lips I just used a light pink lipstick from max factor.

Natural morning look

Natural morning look

Another example of the dare to “bare” look is below. As you can see adding a bit of shimmer to your eye-shadow or bronzer can change the natural look from an morning to an evening look.

Natural look worn to a beach wedding reception

I hope you got some good tips of how to achieve it!

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