Natural sun kissed look

As far as my summer / tanned look lasts, and the calendar is still on September, I will try my best to stretch this summer feeling, although the temperature has dropped dramatically today!

Contrasting to the grey skies that have not decided to change colour yet, a natural sun kissed summer look is the perfect way for your first autumn make up looks, keeping the summer glow till it fades away. BeFunky_DSC_0046.jpgHow did I achieved this? Easy, using the water based foundation by MAC Face and Body, No 7 Compact Dual Bronzer, and a light pink blusher along with a light pink lipstick from Korres (Natural pink).BeFunky_DSC_0048.png

{Water based foundation and dual bronzer is the secret to your sun kissed look

Sun kissed look

For the eyes I used a matte light purple eye shadow by max factor and black mascara, don’t be restrained in the eye shadow colour, try something close to your skin tone or to a beige tanned tone, keeping it always fresh.

I decided not to fill my eyebrows as I wanted to achieve a very natural look, if you feel that you want to emphasize your eyes more then do go ahead with filling your eyebrows.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I am always happy to answer!



Dark eyebrows and light hair

Eyebrows, one of the most important feature of our face. If you imagine that your face is a painting then your eyebrows would be the frame, and as it applies you would have to find the suitable frame for each painting to enhance it. You would probably never combine a renaissance painting with a harsh silver or black modern style frame. The same would apply for your eyebrows.

As I have mentioned a while ago here, my move to Ireland has definitely inspired and influenced my make up and style. One of these influence was that I started draw/paint my eyebrows more often than before.

But the question that we need to answer here is, what does one girl do when her hair is dyed in a lighter or darker shade than her eyebrows. Do you bleach? Do you tint? Or do you fake it? I personally would never tint or bleach my eyebrows I am the kind of person that would stick to their natural colour and wear with pride that great contrast that the two would have (hair and eyebrows), but if I would have to come to a decision then I would definitely fake it.

A few months ago my hair was red and since my eyebrows are not that thick and dark I played around with the colour and here is how I did it without being too obvious or intense with my result.


{Here is me before}

To enhance my eyebrows I used eye-shadow.  Make sure that the eye shadow is matte. This is very important as you don’t want your eyebrows to shine!


You will also need an angled brush to apply it for better results.


Apply it by following the natural arch of your eyebrows enhancing the outer part so you can make your eyes look slightly bigger and smoother. You don’t need to add much product just enough to create the illusion of the lighter shade. Adding too much will not give the desire result.

photo1The result.


The result is very subtle and my features are a lot more enhanced completing the whole look. As this is a morning make up I wouldn’t make my eyebrows any stronger for that reason and for the fact that I am using a lighter shade.

For a party look go stronger and you could use an eyebrow pencil that would give a more intense look.



Street make up in Dublin Ireland

After having spend 9 months in Dublin, I have realised major difference not only in the street fashion but also in the every day make-up that women here usually do as well as evening make-up. Unusual to what I had been used to see in Greece but very unique and very beautiful.

Living in Ireland for the past 9 months has influenced my make up techniques and has made me not to “play safe” in my colours and think out of the box. I have been blending my colours more, giving me a great result and I have been using different techniques that I picked up by observing.

I love the way women here put all the emphasis in their eyes and their look, and always have their eyebrows very defined. You wouldn’t easily see that in Greece and the reason is that:
– The majority of Greek women have very defined and strong eyebrows and very rarely need to emphasize them.
– Irish women are a lot more fair and there is a need to emphasize them in order to complete their make up.

I have adopted that to my techniques as my skin is very fair and the results are amazing!