Italian Riviera Memoirs – Cinque Terre

And here comes the chance again to be able to share with all of you my magical 3 days away!

Our second stop of this trip was the magical Cinque Terre – 5 little villages literally hanging of the Liguria coast. 5 little gems that anyone can visit in just 6 hours using the local train line. If you are brave enough you can hike from one village to the other to enjoy the views – this certainly was not this type of holiday for me.

We managed to visit all 5 and here is a small taste for all of you from Monterosso, Vernazza  Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. This is a place definitely worth visiting.







After a long walk around the Cinque Terre you can cool off and let all the scenery to settle with a nice walk around the Rapallo promenade. Another beautiful small village that can surely work as your starting and end destination for your day trips away. BeFunky_DSCN3560.jpgI hope you all enjoyed this beautiful break from reality!


So cold but so beautiful – Stockholm

I hope you all had a nice and long Easter Break. Mine found me in cold but yet beautiful Stockholm. I have to say that I would have much better enjoyed if it was summer but still we managed to get a lot of beautiful sun that is well missed.

Some interesting photos of life and the great views.

BeFunky_DSCN3028.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3051.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3077.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3088.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3125.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3137.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3138.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3142.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3152.jpg BeFunky_DSCN3153.jpg

Bring the sunshine back

It has benn so miserable these past few days! I really can’t remember when was the last time I saw the sun! I feel like my hole body and soul are lacking vitamin D. No motivation or energy… Sun please shine on us. No more rain!

Just to boost my morale and turn against this horrible and grey weather I went for a deep sea blue to remind me of my favourite summer sea.

As you see even if you decide to do one colour to your nails you still need all these little bottles. You just have to do it right!

Here I have used Seventeen 492, one of my favourite colours especially when the calendar shows spring. This colour is one source of sunshine and will be putting a smile one my face!
All we need now is to accessorise those little fingers and we are ready for the sun and spring!


Let it be spring soon so I don’t have to wear my gloves and get to show off all this colour!

Throw back Monday – Zyrich

A few weeks ago I got to spend a few hours in Zyrich. The weather was so cold, it was snowing and the river was very close to frozen. I just thought that this would be a nice way to kiss away the Winter and welcome the warm Spring weather that I am really looking forward to.

BeFunky_DSCN2652.jpg BeFunky_DSCN2663.jpg BeFunky_DSCN2664.jpg BeFunky_DSCN2666.jpg BeFunky_DSCN2674.jpg BeFunky_DSCN2686.jpg

Quick quick let the Spring sun in! 🙂

Tap tap to a bit of Irish dance


Last month I had the great opportunity to work for the second time with a very talented Irish dance dancer and teacher, Mary – Beth Taylor, for the creation of her second Irish dance teaching DVD. First time we got to work together was last August in her first teaching DVD where you can have a small preview here:

This was the first time that I got to experience a bit of Irish dancing so close so I have to admit that it was truly exciting!

{Mary Beth and her class in action}

For the first DVD we chose natural and earthy tones keeping always the red lipstick that Mary-Beth loves, adding that beautiful glow with the see-through loose Bourjois powder. {Bourjois loose powder}

{August 2011}

This years DVD is still in the making so I can only share with you the trial and backstage shots.

{The make up trial}

{The make-up trial look}

The shooting took place very early on a cold Saturday morning in October. We did the make up outdoors just to have the right light and to keep our model fresh….bbbrrrrrr!!!

{the kit}

and here is our final look…

{the look: October 2012}

will keep you updated when the video air sso you can all have a look at it and you never know consider starting some Irish dancing.

Hope you enjoyed!

K. x