Smokey eye look – tutorial (video)


Hi everyone! As promised a while ago, here is an easy tutorial on the most loved look of all!                                     Smokey eyes!

In this video you will easily understand the simple but very important techniques behind it. Blending and more blending! This look took me about 8 minutes.



I hope you all enjoy!




Sunny Saturday needs a sunny face!

The sun made it to Dublin this week, after 2 weeks of pure miserable and cold weather!
I have turned into an old crazy lady where my only conversations are around the weather and how cold it is! I am totally sick of this! I long those sunny warm days where my feet got burned from the hot sand! Oh well these days will soon come…

Since the weather is turning kinder and the psychology is moving towards the positive side of it I felt that this type of make up even for a nice Saturday stroll down the city centre would be suitable.
Here is me a few hours earlier after spending just 15 minutes on the mirror. Not bad eh?photo_4

Products used Naked2 palate – eye shadow TEASE to create that shadow on the eye lid. Mac creamy eyeliner and Channel rouge lacquer for the lips.

Ready to face the sunny yet cold weather with my fluffy white beret.


dublin south william

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone.

Naked 2

Hello to everyone and happy Easter to whoever is celebrating it!

I am writing to all of you from very cold but sunny Stockholm! A lovely city that is definitely worth visiting but you should try it in the summer time! The weather is so cold!!

Here is what I got today in my inflight shopping. Urban Decay – Naked 2, with a pocket lipstick as a gift. With this product you can never go wrong.

{ Urban Decay – Naked 2}
This is the new palette from Urban Decay. It features 12 different shades of pastel browns subtle beige and a pitch black eyeshadow perfect to be used as a eyeliner.



This is a nice palette for any complexion but I have to say that it looks great used with a smokey eye technique for the fairer ladies, blonds and reds, sometimes harsh black can be a bit too much for their look, if not done properly.

In my next few posts I am planning to prepare sessions for all of you do you can all master the so famous “smokey” eye!

Enjoy the weekend!

Oscar’s Make up

Just about when the Oscar’s fairy dust is starting to settle down and all the winners and nominees are starting to grasp the idea of their golden statue in the collections, we the everyday bloggers feel the need to praise our favourite appearances of the night!

The dresses were many, the make up glamorous, the ceremony like a dream that I would love to live in person somehow, sometime, in the future.

All I can do at the moment is share with you my favourite of all.

1. My number one for this years Oscar”s was surely Jessica Chastain. Her very classic red lipstick and black eyeliner really complimented her choice of dress. Very subtle and truly elegant. I have to say she gets it right two times in a row. (Oscars 2012)


2.  My number too has to be Charlize Theron. This woman’s face is like the perfect canvas! Whatever she does with her hair or make up she will always look the part! Her choice of this white gown was so gracefully complimented by her choice of subtle lips and fresh glowing foundation.


3. Jenifer Lawrence also went for subtle lips and a very soft and smokey eye with a silver grey effect finishing it of with a few fake eyelashes. This would be my favourite execution of a smokey eye.


4. Amanda Seyfried choice of a lavender smokey eyes and practically no lipstick, truly accentuated her look giving good balance to her appearance. A very fresh and elegant touch which I loved.


The Oscar’s and Hollywood elegance always stays true to itself never, with now exaggeration or overstatements. Subtle, elegant and very feminine make up always is the winner.

Here are a few looks that I found overstated and not at all effortless.

Although I find her a very talented Fashion Police presenter, this time I have to say her make up was not something that really pleased me. Her long eyelashes  and the choice of earthy tones of brown and red just didn’t work well.


Another no no was Kelly Osborne from Fashion Police. Her very eccentric style, which I sometimes adore, this time was not interpreted well in her choice of lipstick and her purple hair. Maybe next year.  I have to say though that I really enjoyed watching her co-presenting the Fashion police live from the red carpet.


Last but not least, Kirsten Stewart. Not because her look was not nice, but because I am tired of seeing her with the same style of hair and make up. I would have loved to see her hair differently and with a more vibrant fresher look that will make her up bright up.


I would love to know your favourite looks on these Academy Awards and your opinion.

{These photos do not belong to me - the majority of them are from Getty images and the web}

Dark eyebrows and light hair

Eyebrows, one of the most important feature of our face. If you imagine that your face is a painting then your eyebrows would be the frame, and as it applies you would have to find the suitable frame for each painting to enhance it. You would probably never combine a renaissance painting with a harsh silver or black modern style frame. The same would apply for your eyebrows.

As I have mentioned a while ago here, my move to Ireland has definitely inspired and influenced my make up and style. One of these influence was that I started draw/paint my eyebrows more often than before.

But the question that we need to answer here is, what does one girl do when her hair is dyed in a lighter or darker shade than her eyebrows. Do you bleach? Do you tint? Or do you fake it? I personally would never tint or bleach my eyebrows I am the kind of person that would stick to their natural colour and wear with pride that great contrast that the two would have (hair and eyebrows), but if I would have to come to a decision then I would definitely fake it.

A few months ago my hair was red and since my eyebrows are not that thick and dark I played around with the colour and here is how I did it without being too obvious or intense with my result.


{Here is me before}

To enhance my eyebrows I used eye-shadow.  Make sure that the eye shadow is matte. This is very important as you don’t want your eyebrows to shine!


You will also need an angled brush to apply it for better results.


Apply it by following the natural arch of your eyebrows enhancing the outer part so you can make your eyes look slightly bigger and smoother. You don’t need to add much product just enough to create the illusion of the lighter shade. Adding too much will not give the desire result.

photo1The result.


The result is very subtle and my features are a lot more enhanced completing the whole look. As this is a morning make up I wouldn’t make my eyebrows any stronger for that reason and for the fact that I am using a lighter shade.

For a party look go stronger and you could use an eyebrow pencil that would give a more intense look.